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Why Skipright?

Fastest Turn Around Time

 #1 Skip Tracing Company In The Nation

Don't get stuck waiting around on your list, we'll have yours back to you the same day you submit it!

With our customer service, and accuracy, we've been voted the number 1 skip tracing platform in the entire nation! 

Most Accurate Data In Real Estate

With an accuracy of up to 99% our reliability is above any other skip tracing company out there!

Top Rated Customer Support

LLC Skiptracing

We put our customer service above anything. We are constantly here to help you get the most up to date and accurate data possible!

We are now offering skiptracing for LLC's! Get the most up to date, and accurate LLC data in the industry

No Templates Needed

Templates have become a thing of the past! Just send us your list, and we will take care of the formatting!

About Us

Skip Right is a premium skip tracing provider. It’s difficult to find your potential customers, we get it. Nowadays, you need to send marketing materials everywhere, but how can you be confident that you're reaching your customers? At Skip Right, we provide you with accurate phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses.


We are in business to save our clients time and money by strategically targeting information needed to make the deal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Being the nations #1 Skip Tracing company we have made it a point to provide our clients with the best service, one of them being our turnaround time. You can expect your list back in just a couple of hours no later than 24hrs.

What is your minimum order?

No minimum order required. Anything below 50 leads per list is $2/hit. Lists above 50 leads are $0.15/hit

What information do I need to skip trace someone?

In order to recieve great results we ask you to have first name, last name, and full address in your CSV / XLSX file. We also do skip trace lists without owner name as long as the full address is on file.

How Can I Increase my odds on getting my hits?

By providing us with as much information as possible, Including First and Last Name, mailing address, property address

How accurate is the data with SkipRight?

With an accuracy of up to 96% our reliability is above any other skip tracing company out there!

Do you have a refund policy?

We unfortunately do not offer any refunds for any reason. Once an order is submitted we are unable to make any revisions.

Can you skip trace LLC’s,Trusts, LPs, Incs, etc.?

As of now we can skip trace individual names and LLC’s, As we continue to rapidly grow we will be bringing customers like yourself more value by adding more to our list.

What do I get billed for?

Another reason why we are the nations #1 Skip tracing services, is because we bill per hit not per record submitted.

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